Scholarship Winners!

(Tilu Linggi Resume)

I aspire to see myself fully dedicated with the support of this scholarship to become an academician and expert with an objective of contributing more towards conflict resolution mechanism. This is also because I hail from a place which is basically a disturbed areas. I had interned with National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi and worked with several NGOs and intend to link myself with several human rights NGOs in near future.

I have been enthusiastic about this scholarship because of the opportunities it provides to the academic career I wish to pursue. Many a times news about the scholarship had come to my knowledge about its' assistance to the needy researchers and students. I find it as a good moral support.

I extremely feel beholden to you and your team for finding me as a right candidate to reach at least to the top 10 finalists for the 2014 scholarship. I am confident that this motivation will go long way to guide me further in my life. It is my privilege to associate with your esteemed institution through my effort and your good consideration, adding some meaning to your selfless efforts and of the team that endeavours to help out students in the country. I am sure that the gratitude that you have shown would lead me to a long way in years to come by contributing more to the society by sharing my knowledge to the possible extent.

(Shivika Choudhary Resume)

As I aspire to join the noble profession of teaching law, it involves many years of education beyond the undergraduate level. I have been financially dependent on parents for more than 24 years, who also look after my maternal and paternal grandparents. Since the time my younger sister has enrolled for higher studies, I feel it an obligation to provide some financial relief to my parents who are looking after two generations. The financial assistance accorded through this esteemed Scholarship would assist me in becoming an independent person capable of contributing financially to my education.

Further, the Prof. R. P. Anand International Law Scholarship is highly prestigious and distinguished. The competitive nature of the scholarship makes it an accomplishment in itself that would enhance my resume and help me advance on my career trajectory. I would be privileged to be accorded recognition by this renowned Scholarship which would be highly advantageous when I apply for further studies and employment opportunities.

Your long term International Law career goals if any In these times of increased armed conflicts, I am intrigued by the manner in which international law can protect and implement human rights during conflict times where principles of distinction and proportionality are heavily challenged or diminished. I, therefore, aspire to pursue a doctorate in International Humanitarian Law to research on the same and contribute to the jurisprudence with the objective of reducing ambivalence that surrounds the evolving contours of international law. Thereafter, I am determined to become a member of the noble profession of teaching.

I have started writing my LL. M. dissertation and therefore require financial support in further research endeavor. my dissertation topic is " Practice of states in compliance with Article 6 of ICJ Statute".​
Prof. R. P. Anand through his prolific writings on various issues of public international has inspired generations of international lawyers and teachers. My teachers quote him often during lectures and his fond memories kindle the light of knowledge in each one of us. I am genuinely inspired by the teachings of Prof. R. P. Anand. I have deep interest in the teaching, study, dissemination and wider appreciation of international law. My career goals have been very clear after completion of a year of LL. M. in international law. I have decided with firm resolve to complete my doctorate in public international law and serve in India as a teacher and researcher in the field of international law.
With the historical evolution and ever-changing development of present-day international law has come a greater need for more skilled, experienced, and specialized attorneys in the public, private and academic legal sectors. Because a career in international law is often times more difficult to find than a more traditional legal position in local or domestic law, I have firmly resolved to the study of Hague academy lectures and original readings from LL. M. onwards. I am committed to foster respect for human dignity and international peace.