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Development of Modern International Law and India (2007)

 Towards a new International Legal Order (Xiamen Academy Lecture I)  (PP Slides)

Studies in International Law and History: An Asian Perspective (2004)

India and the Development of International Law (Xiamen Lecture II) PPS

New Law of the Sea:Emergent Norms and Institutions (1996)

Family of Civilized States and Japan (Xiamen Lecture III) PPS

United Nations and the Gulf Crises (1994)

Law of the Sea in Historical Perspective (Xiamen Lecture IV)  PPS

New States & International Law 2nd edition

Environment, Development and the Developing Countries (Xiamen Lecture V) (PPS)

Confrontation or Cooperation?  International Law and the Developing Countries. – new 2nd edition (2011)

Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes (Xiamen Lecture VI(PPS)

South Asia: In Search of a Regional Identity (1991)

Enhancing the Acceptability of Compulsory Procedure of International Dispute Settlement (2001)

Sovereign Equality of States in International Law (1986) The formation of International Organizations and India: A Historical Study (2010)
Origin and Development of the Law of the Sea: History of International Law Revisited (1983) Universality of International Law: An Asian Perspective
International Courts and Contemporary Conflicts (1974) Towards a Universal International Law for the Universal International Society - India's Role and Contribution
Studies in International Adjudication (1969)  
Law, Science and Environment  (co-editor) (Selected excerpts) (1987)  
Recent Developments in Civil Aviation in India (CoEditor 1987)  
Salient Documents in International Law (Editor 1994)  
ASEAN Identity, Development and Change (Selected excerpts) (1981)  
Cultural Factors in International Relations (Selected excerpts) (1981)  
Law of the Sea - Caracas and Beyond (Selected excerpts) (1978)  
Asian States and the Development of a Universal International Law (Editor) (1972)  
Compulsory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (1958)