About Us

Creation of the R. P. Anand Virtual Centre of International Law (VCIL) is inspired by the life, teachings and writings of Late Prof. R. P. Anand. It is nurtured by his colleagues and students with the full encouragement of his wife and support of his children. The VCIL is a work in progress and it is envisaged that in due course of time it would emerge as a useful tool to promote teaching and research in international law utilising the marvels of information technology.

A Chinese proverb says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step”. We embark on this journey firstly, by making available the writings of Prof. Anand in online (electronic) format; secondly, by creating a repository of salient documents in international law that we intend to regularly expand and update; thirdly; to promote a wider understanding of international law an annual essay competition is being launched from the year 2011; and finally to initiate a VCIL Discussion Forum for exchange of ideas on contemporary issues in international law.

Any comments and suggestions to strengthen the VCIL are always welcome.